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Parent Update: Monday 04/05/2020

Parent/Carer update from Headteacher Catherine Forrester...

Monday 4th May 2020: 

Dear Parents/Carers

I trust that this update finds you well and you are managing to look after yourselves, as well as your families.

Last week, I sent out a short note regarding school uniform and the changes that have been agreed from September 2020 to you all.  This was in anticipation of the fact that I know some families will begin looking at their children’s uniform for the following academic year and it is usually around this time that shops run promotions on these items of clothes.  I have had positive feedback from you about this matter but also a couple of requests to explain the reasons behind the decision to remove the requirement for children to wear ties.  

Whilst many children look smart in ties, it should only be a part of the uniform if it is adhered to by every child within the school and enforced by every member of staff.  I do not feel that the time that staff sometimes spend ensuring children are wearing ties, supporting children to have the clip on ties in the right place (they can often be found pinned to younger children’s shirt pockets), asking children not to chew ties and looking for lost ones is proportionate.  I am sorry to those families who are disappointed by the decision but hopefully this will cut down on a small part of the expense of school uniform and remove the need to have both a “summer” and “winter” set of clothes.

You will be aware that this Friday 8 May will be marked by the May bank holiday to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE day.  With this in mind, school is closed to all staff and children and online work will not be set by the staff team for the day.  Daily updates will resume again on the website on Monday 11th May by 9am.

You may have read speculation over the weekend about the re-opening of schools and I am sure you have many questions (as I do) about what this arrangement will look like, once the government announce its plans.  In the past few days, I have been speaking to friends online and they found it really hard to believe that, as a headteacher, I don’t have “inside information” about when school will open.  I know only as much as you do about when the re-opening of schools will take place but will be listening carefully to the Prime Minister’s conference next Sunday, as he shares an update on the lockdown procedures.  Just as soon as I can, I promise to share with you the plans that will be in place for Meadow Vale when any announcement is made. 

Thank you for the positive feedback that you have given to the staff team via the “help” email address.  I know they all really appreciate their effort to provide a range of resources for you to use being recognised and love seeing the work of our brilliant children!

Kindest regards

Catherine Forrester