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At Meadow Vale, we use the 'White Rose Hub' format as a basis for our maths planning. White Rose follows the Concrete - Pictorial - Abstract approach to teaching maths.

  • Concrete is the 'doing' stage using concrete objects to solve problems.
  • The 'pictorial' or 'seeing stage' uses representations of objects to solve problems. This helps children make the connection between the physical object and abstract levels of understanding, which is the stage they move onto next.
  • The abstract stage brings in mathematical symbols, for example +, -, x, ÷ to indicate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The emphasis, initially, is on mental calculation skills, but progresses to the written strategies that children are expected to become fluent with. (Please see our Calculation Policy for more detail). 

Click on the link on the right to view the 'White Rose Maths' long term plans for each year group.