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Dear Parents,

As the term draws to a close we hope you enjoyed reading your child's Nursery report sent home last week and if your child is joining Meadow Vale School you should also have received a welcome pack. Although it has been a fragmented year whatever time the children have been able to spend in Nursery with us will have been a valuable learning experience for them.

This week we are turning our thoughts to transition into Reception and have put some activities together to try and help. Some of the stories on Tapestry are about school events like sports day or starting a new school. With some of the story observations we have added links to Alphablocks so they can practise more sounds, a game they can play about starting school and a video of young children talking about their first day at 'big' school.

Our website activities are about using every day toys and the outdoors to further develop counting to 20. Also included are links to help you further your child's confidence and well- being over the Summer holiday. 

Thank you for the wonderful uploads and comments we have received over the last few weeks. It has enabled us all to keep a valuable structure in place for the children. As always we would love to see anything you can upload this week about your daily life at home.  

With best wishes,   

Nursery Team