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Our staff

Leadership Team

Name Position
Catherine Forrester Headteacher
Ian Freeman Deputy Headteacher
Victoria Costanza SENCO
Lisa Poole School Business Manager
Zoe Galani Pastoral Lead


Teaching and Support Team

Year group Staff

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Nursery and Reception

Dorota Bogé (EYFS Phase Lead and Hedgehogs classteacher)

Emily Bailey (Nursery classteacher), Emma Jenkins (Owls classteacher) and Ellie Druce (Squirrels classteacher)

Lynn Jones, Caroline Maynard, Swanny McCarthy, Tara Berry, Tersa Halls, Natalie Healy and Alison Ramsden (EYFS support staff)


Key Stage One

Years One and Two

Saira Qureshi (KS1 Phase Lead and 2Q classteacher)

Nicola Coles (1C classteacher), Helen Fish (1F classteacher), Mandy Hall (1H classteacher), Rachel Bannister (2B classteacher) and Emma Wear (2W classteacher)

Lisa Grundy, Charlene Bathurst, Eva Stratford, Lydia Sarpong, Lorna Hayhurst and Charlotte Rennison (KS1 support staff)

Lower Key Stage Two (LKS2)

Years Three and Four

Sally Watkins (LKS2 Phase Lead and 3W classteacher)

Chloe Guy (3G classteacher), Siobhan Keegan (3K classteacher), Alicia Bowater (English Standards Lead and 4B classteacher), Lauren Clarke (4C classteacher) and Charlotte Daniels (4D classteacher)

Lucy Frost, Eidi Cracknell, Debby Phipps, Karen Hatt, Sarah O'Keeffe, Maxine Speirs, Lisa Cross and Natasha Read (LKS2 support staff)

Upper Key Stage Two (UKS2)

Years Five and Six

Helen McKay (UKS2 Phase Lead and 6M classteacher)

Sarah Waissen (5W classteacher), Catherine Holmes (5H classteacher), Heather Maddock (5M classteacher), Cat Evans (6E classteacher) and Jack Turner (maths Standards Lead and 6T classteacher)

Sam Cory, Olha Yavorska, Lucinda Couzens, Kelly Partridge, Sonya Derry, Clare Saunders, Sean Gilbert, Laura Little, Anna Bondos-Persaud (KS2 support team)

Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) Team Rachel Sunderland, Joey Knewell, Anja Davies, Karen Brunswick and Verity Guest


Admin and support

Name Position
Alex Brooke IT Technician
Kate Byrne Finance Assistant
Jo Parker Admin Assistant
Kathy Prescod Admin Assistant
Wai Man Cheng Admin and Attendance Officer
Samantha Woodham Librarian


Site team

Name Position
Dave Cannon Site Controller
Ray Stephens Assistant Site Controller
Nathan Balsdon Assistant Site Controller 
Kim McBride Cleaner
Dean Rayment Cleaner
Jennifer Wensley-Taylor Cleaner
Jasmin Taylor Cleaner
Dana Adams Cleaner / Lunchtime Supervisor
Sarah Dove Cleaner / Lunchtime Controller
Bev Powell Cleaner / Lunchtime Controller


Lunchtime staff

Name Position
Lenny Brown Lunchtime Supervisor / Play Coordinator
Natasha Bennett Lunchtime Controller
Carole Cowan Lunchtime Controller
Samra Iqbal Lunchtime Controller
Victoria Kargbo Lunchtime Controller
Victoria Llewellyn Lunchtime Controller
Maria Robinson Lunchtime Controller
Pat Small Lunchtime Controller
Taryn Smith Lunchtime Controller
Pat Swaisland Lunchtime Controller
Sawsan Taha Lunchtime Controller

Contact Us

Meadow Vale Primary School, Moordale Avenue, Priestwood, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG42 1SY