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Investing in Local Authority Package

Since 2013 we have utilised the PE and School Sports Premium to invest in the Bracknell Forest School Sports Support Programme. This offers us the following; opportunities to take part in a huge range of intra-school competitive sporting activities across all years and across many different sports; allows the school access to support with staff training; gives us access to a number of local coaches who will come in and work with the children as well as offering leadership and training opportunities to children further up the school, these individuals will then work with children in KS1. In a nutshell the support programme offers an insight as to how to best support those children who are least active, professional advice and assistance (where and when it is required) as well as opening up a programme of intra-school competition and training opportunities (for both children and adults) which would not otherwise be available.

Meadow Vale: Last Year

  • Over 380 places taken up at extra-curricular sports clubs provided by the school
  • 100% of children involved in inter-school competition programme
  • 27 different intra-school competitions  for A teams
  • 8 different intra-school competitions for B teams
  • 3 different intra-school competitions for C teams
  • 3 SEND teams representing the school at intra-school competition
  • All KS1 pupil places taken at intra-school skipping competition
  • 16 pupils receiving training for leadership and volunteering roles
  • Nearly 300 places taken up in intra-schools sporting competition
  • 11 staff members receiving training on and off-site

 Meadow Vale has a strong reputation for PE and Sport within the local community and beyond. The school has always prioritised the importance of a strong PE curriculum, this is supported by an outstanding range of free to access and open to all pre and after school clubs. We continue to embrace this government initiative and are confident that it is raising the quality and standard of Physical Education at Meadow Vale.