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Week 12 (week beginning 29th June)

Monday In this week's art lesson, Emily talks through some observational drawing skills. Have a go at the drawing challenges before creating your final piece of art work. 

Tuesday - Time to get 'quizzical'. Work through the quiz powerpoint below - how many can you work out? Remember, all of the answers start with A and the answers are available at the end of the quiz. 

Wednesday - Today you will be conducting a science experiment. You will need a few drinking glasses - that's it! Fill each glass with a different amount of water and label them 'A', 'B', 'C' etc (see the 'science experiment' picture below for what I mean). You then need to make a prediction (keep this safe as you will need it tomorrow) - do you think the glass with the most water will make the highest pitched sound or the one with the least amount of water? Why do you think this? Now, wet your finger and run it around the rim of each glass and order them from the highest to lowest pitched sound. You may want to take a picture of, sketch or jot down the order as this will help you write up your experiment tomorrow. Now you can play - can you play any tunes on your new, water based instrument?

Thursday - Today you are going to write up the experiment that you completed yesterday. You need to include the following subheadings:


what you needed 


What you did


A labelled picture of the experiment


This is a fancy word for prediction


what order did you end up putting the glasses in?


A sentence to explain what you found, e.g The results show that the more full of water a glass is, the lower the pitch it will make. 

You can use the template below if you like. 

Friday - Challenge: Can you get a biscuit from your forehead to your mouth without touching it? 

Perhaps challenge a friend or family member to a race. Perhaps time yourself and see if you can beat your score!